A Leap of Faith

New things can be scary. Not knowing what will happen, not knowing if something will succeed or flop, is what leads to hesitation and stops new ideas from reaching their full potential; a self-fulfilling prophesy.

New ideas can also be innovative and exciting. But even here, there will still be the hesitant crowd, those who hold back to wait and see what happens; to not step forward for fear of being associated with something that didn’t work.

And then there are the early adopters. Those that say; “Yes, I see the potential in this and I believe in what it can become!” There is no hesitation, just a leap of faith that requires no risk beyond a vision for the future and a belief in themselves.

If you are on the fence with signing up, take that leap and help us build a community together.

Fly Type: Other/Mixed Fly Types
Hook Manufacturer: N/A
Hook Model Number: N/A
Hook Size: N/A
Primary Food Type: Other/Mixed Critters
Primary Target Species: Other/Mixed Species