Howitzer Hippie Popper

You will really enjoy watching the action of this popper as it takes advantage of marabou, a great material that adds body to a fly without the bulk. It also makes the fly “breathe” or as I say, “Hula Dance” for the bass. This fly looks bulky due to the the way the marabou is wrapped around the body, but in fact is very thin, because marabou is very light. The marabou makes this fly less wind resistant and allows for easier casting, especially from a float tube. A very effective fly, with a great profile in the water lots of movement and action. Take this popper out on a June or July evening right as the sun is going down and work this one by weed beds and cattails and get ready!

• Designed to imitate a frog - Howitzer style head; dragon style eyes.
• Custom airbrush diamond pattern design using florescent chartreuse, and burnt sienna.
• Tail materials include: orange, chartreuse marabou, florescent green saddle hackle, krystal flash.
• Silli legs are added for additional movement in the water.
• Epoxy head to ensure durability and polished look.
• Tied on a TMC 8089, Size #6.

Fly Type: Poppers
Hook Manufacturer: TMC
Hook Model Number: TMC 8089
Hook Size: #6
Primary Food Type: Other/Mixed Critters
Primary Target Species: Bass & Panfish