Green/Black Striped Frog Popper

Nothing is more exciting in bass fishing than having a bass hit a surface popper. This bass popper is classically designed pattern using balsa wood to imitate a small frog. The pattern is painted in the classic bass colors of yellow, green, and black which are well known colors to attract bass. The airbrushed stripped pattern imitates a variety of frogs so can be used in a diverse settings and locations. This pattern uses silli legs for additional movement and has a cupped mouth to provide a strong “popping” sound that is certain to attract bass to strike. The yellow grizzly marabou adds additional movement in the water. The green dragon eyes add a finishing touch of realism. This popper is finished with high quality epoxy to give off a polished look and ensure waterproof durability. This pattern has a relatively small profile, making it perfect for casting from a float tube, canoe, small watercraft, or from the shore.

Casts should be made toward structure, weed beds, downed timber, or cattails near drop offs, or close to shore. These are favorite hiding places for bass. Let the popper sit until the splash ring disappears, then slowly work the popper with an erratic retrieve. Keep your trigger finger on the line, and get ready for a strike!

Materials include:
• Green saltwater neck hackle, yellow grizzly marabou, black krystal flash
• Acrylic paints: Grass Green, black, yellow
• Silli Legs (Black) are added for additional movement in the water;
• Epoxy head to ensure durability and polished look;
• Tied on a TMC 8089, Size #6

Fly Type: Poppers
Hook Manufacturer: TMC
Hook Model Number: TMC 8089
Hook Size: #6
Primary Food Type: Other/Mixed Critters
Primary Target Species: Bass & Panfish