Saltwater Popper - Olive

This popper was designed as an all-around saltwater pattern that will work on a variety of predators chasing schools of baitfish on the surface. Stripers, Blues, Sharks, Bonita, Tuna, Dorado, Jacks; if you can get it in front or near them, they’ll take a swipe at it!

• Shaped by hand using 3/4 X 3/4-inch balsa stick; popper is approximately 4 inches long
• Custom airbrush design using Iridescent Pearl, olive Gold, Bright Orange/Black (eyes)
• Tail materials include: Olive Marabou, Olive krystal flash, Olive sparkle chenille
• Hook: High quality Lightening Strike fish hook (Size 2/0), Forged, High Carbon Steel, Micro-Barb, Special Double-Plate, Titan finish, chemically sharpened point, straight, eye, round bend, hump shank.

Fly Type: Poppers
Hook Manufacturer: Lightening Strike
Hook Model Number: sp
Hook Size: 2/0
Primary Food Type: Minnows & Small Fish
Primary Target Species: Other/Mixed Species