Pumpkin Goblin Slider

This diver/slider is designed to be bit quieter and stealthier overall than a traditional popper with the cupped mouth. Built with more of a tapered, pointed head, this fly is made to smoothly slide along and quickly dip below the surface.

This diver is designed to imitate a variety of fresh water baitfish and amphibians. The orange/black colors are easy to see in low light conditions, and the barred orange/black schlappen body give it just enough pulsating movement for fish to think it’s an easy meal.

This fly is relatively subtle which often makes them a great place to start if there's little to no wind. It can also be used in very shallow, clear water where a loud “popping” may send bass and other predators dashing for cover. Constructed with foam head and finished with epoxy for durability, it will still land slightly softer and offer a subtle presentation to fish. If you are thinking of a quieter presentation and retrieve, this diver is the way to go.

Use this diver to cover water quickly without aloud retrieve. You can quickly blow through a large section of water, stripping longer and faster, with a quieter, calmer retrieve. This diver dips below the surface with less resistance, and allows for a straight retrieve without causing a big disturbance.

This diver can even be fished on a sinking line in open water or around heavy cover. The sinking line will keep the diver subsurface. However, this fly is buoyant enough to ride above moss, grass, and other structure along the bottom.

• Foam diver head (small): Acrylic paint colors – burnt orange, black
• Tail: Chinchilla Saddle Hackle – orange/black, black, marabou tuft, black krystal flash, purple flourofiber
• Body: barred schlappen – burnt orange/black
• Collar: orange/green krystal chenille
• Eyes – size 5/32, yellow
• Hook: TMC 8089, size #10

Fly Type: Poppers
Hook Manufacturer: TMC
Hook Model Number: TMC 8089
Hook Size: #10
Primary Food Type: Other/Mixed Critters
Primary Target Species: Bass & Panfish